April, 2022

Untitled photo

Open Lights Monika Wulfers

About Monika Wulfers www.monika wulfers.com 


Running Numbers, The conceptual minimalism of Monika Wulfers, (July 13, 2014 weekend edition), Daniel Tiffany, http://hyperallergic.com/136598/running-numbers-the-conceptual-minimalism-of-monika-wulfers/

Return of the Pier Show, The Architects Newspaper, Philip Berger, http://archpaper.com/,

10/17/2014 Light On, Paul Klein, 2014


College Art Association Reviews, July 2, 2015, Expo Chicago, Chicago: 2014, Kara Jefts CrossRef DOI: 10.3202/caa.reviews.2015.78 http://www.caareviews.org/reviews/2500

2012 Wulfers’ sculptures light up Bridgeport Art Center for Chicago Artists Month Mary A. Osborne, http://www.examiner.com/article/, October 2, 2012

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