Opening Saturday, November 5, noon-5pm

Reading Sunday, November 13, 4pm

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In November, Xiao Space will host Like a Weed. This show will explore intersections of plants and human engagement (be it symbolic or physical.) The show will have 2 components. The first is the visual show, which will ideally contain both 2-d and 3-d works. The second is a reading in which literary artists will be invited to respond creatively to pieces in the show.

The poet Andrew Marvell tells us that vegetable love (or love without the pressure of anything but nature) grows slowly. Perhaps like kudzu, it can spread in invaded earth faster than at home exploiting the environment. Eventually, vegetable love may become vaster than empires but old scientific thinking tells us plants exist just within their own kingdom. The language of flowers lets us express our jealousy (yellow rose) or consolation (white poppy.) Plants exist both physically and metaphysically – shaping our environments and our psyches.

Nicholas Alexander Hayes, curator

Literary Artists: 

H. V. Cramond

Daniela Olszewska Beer

Virginia Bell

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Steven Teref

Visual Artists:

Untitled photo

Nicholas Alexander Hayes

Untitled photo

Susan Jablonski

Untitled photo

Robin Power

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