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Set Gozo

Set Gozo is a visual artist born in the Philippines, she received a degree in Visual Arts from the University of the Philippines 1985, studied photography and ceramics at Indiana University. She acquired a degree of Nursing from Purdue University 1993 and Health Care Administration from Calumet College of Saint Joseph 1996. Set has been a resident artist at Bridgeport Art Center and the figurative sculpture instructor at Chicago Ceramic Center since 2016. She is currently a board member of Chicago Alliance of Visual Arts social media division. Set adopted a social media platform by creating Set Gozo Artist Corner You tube Channel. This is where she is actively involve in the community artist events and utilizes the channel for her ceramics students instructional reference.

Artist Statement: My creations help me connect into my spiritual journey and inner peace. The style of my art is rooted from my Filipino culture. My family migrated to America to better our lives. Creativity became my refuge, gave me a voice and freedom to express my vision. My goal is to expand my horizon in bridging and building a community of artists by sharing and exploring each other’s ideas and inspiration.

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