Charlene Moy

Painting has always been a source of comfort and exhilaration for Charlene. At SAIC she painted portraits with expressive color. She created painted jewelry and home accessories. Then family priorities left little time for painting. After her husband passed from Cancer, she re-evaluated her priorities which led her back to painting. Returning to portraits, she produced a Grief series. The process was cathartic and enabled her to approach painting anew.

Previously, she disliked watercolor, feared water and avoided the great outdoors when possible. Watercolor is teaching her the importance of being in the moment and embracing unexpected results. Exploring with her iphone, she seeks out the chaos and diversity in nature. From these images, she enlarges and examines. Sometimes obscuring, decontextualizing and/or reconstructing. While preserving her views of nature with paint, she is also attempting to minimize her impact on the environment. In her mixed media pieces, she utilizes what would usually go in the garbage. It’s a small step that she hopes to expand on.



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